Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google Glasses: Augmented Reality Glasses from Google

If you look at the pictures of the glasses in this post the first question people are asking on the internet is will you wear them. The glasses however are not built for style but more as a utility. It is one of Google's ambitious projects to make technology work for you when you want and then get it out of the way when you don't. So if you see someone with these glasses on you know they are from Google and testing their new sci-fi glasses. 

How do the Google Glasses work.
For one it is always connected to the internet and integrates with various kinds of services. The UI shows the person in the video below going about his daily business and able to view the weather outside, receive and make voice and video calls, check-in to places and find directions to places. He is able to do all this will simply voice commands and auto-suggestions that seem to pop-up at exactly the right places. Couple of analysts have said the glasses will have 3G and 4G capability to make all this possible

Google reveled these glasses to the world in a Google+ post removing the veil of speculation that had been hanging over their pet project. The whole concept seems so futuristic that is difficult to even imagine these eye-wear products being available in the market for a very long time. The reason why these Googlers shared this project is because they want to start a conversation and get feedback. They need not wait too long for feedback as news of these amazing glasses has spread all across the internet and is all over the news. One point that most users are talking about is that: will ads pop-up? So what do you think about these glasses and would you wear em?
Source: Project Glass on Google+

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