Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video: 17 tips and tricks for the iPad

This is a simple but really helpful video for mastering your iPad, there are some cool tips and tricks you might not have known. If you have had an iPad for sometime then you might already know these tips and tricks. This is especially good for those of you who have just got the 'New iPad'. The video covers a whole lot of helpful tips like how to take screenshots, creating a slideshow, how to erase all data, set a complex password, creating custom shortcuts, multi-touch gestures, punction shortcuts and music player. One of the ways to undo paste is to shake and undo. If you iPad is shared among family members then you can limit the content they can access by enabling restrictions. This way when someone else has access to your iPad you can limit the number of apps they will be able to access when using it. if you're looking for the best apps with the all new retina display you can check out our other post here

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