Thursday, April 5, 2012

Facebook Timeline is the new Wall

Funny and Creative Facebook cover by Ivan Marino

Facebook users who have shifted to the new Timeline know that the old Facebook wall hath disappeared and in its place is the new Timeline. The Timeline replaces the old wall with something that is new totally graphic and not like the old wall which showed posts one below the other. With Timeline it is a whole new kaleidoscope of colors and posts. Where users can choose which posts to highlight and which to hide. With the launch of the new Timeline Facebook really irritated its users who have been changing to the new Timeline but grumbling all the way. This is the future of Facebook and for all its wrongs the Timeline also has it rights. 

Like visiting your friend's Timelines can sure be interesting especially if they have not learned how to set it up as yet. We do have a very popular post to set up your Timeline which can be found here. There are mistakes that are bound to happen while users make their way through their choice of Timeline privacy settings. That might be the reason Facebook is really taking it's time, making Timeline mandatory. In the meanwhile users will keep complaining, grumbling and slowly switching. many are still holding out and are unwilling to move even though the storm might be approaching. Some will still try to hold on to the old wall that is slowly crumbling and will sink to the bottom to give rise to the new Timeline. Which will showcase each users in the style he or she desires. So get used to your new profile wall and it is being called Timeline. You can find out complete coverage of the Facebook Timeline wall here

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