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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Use FreeMediaConverter to Convert media files, rip DVDs, download or record videos and audio

Image Credit: FreeMediaConverter

Here comes an interesting piece of software that is available for free. With FreeMediaConverter you can do a host of things in relation to video and audio. You can download video and audio files, rip DVDs convert video and audio files to various formats. An all-in-all multimedia tool to do just about anything with your media files. It is like a one-stop shop to download, convert and store media files. The software is also able to download and convert YouTube videos for free. So the next time you find a video online that you would like to download then FreeMediaConverter will do the job for you. Another interesting use of this freeware is that you can record videos from various sources. You can record from your webcam, record from your screen as a screen-cast. Once down with your video and audio recording you can then convert it into any format of your choice. 

You can also convert video to play on your favorite devices. So if you have a video that will not play on your iPhone, iPad, XBox or HTC video players this service will convert your video or audio file into the required format. Here are a few devices that are supported among many more  iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Archos, Xbox, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Sony and Samsung. FreeMediaConverter also promises to do all of this in record time and is able to work with multi-core processors for added speed. This app is windows based and works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Note: when installing ensure you uncheck SweetIM toolbar to avoid loading unwanted software

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Use BoxCryptor to encrypt and store your cloud files on services like DropBox and

It seems everyone these days has the need to store their files in popular cloud services for easy and immediate access. Storage all your files on your local device is a thing of the past with the emergence of cloud storage services. There are a number of cloud storage services to choose from. One of the most popular being DropBox. DropBox the service that adds and extra drive to your PC or other storage device and stores all your files in the cloud for easy access. With all the files that are stored in the cloud what if you need to store some files securely and ensure that if there is any compromise you know your files are safe and secure. Enter BoxCryptor the service that allows you to do just that. with BoxCryptor you can safely and securely store your files on services like DropBox and the service also uses AES-256 standard to encrypt your files. We had previously written about a service called Data Locker and BoxCryptor is an alternative that you can use.

BoxCryptor: How does it work
lets you store your files on-the-fly and it is a fast and easy service to use. The service is available for for Windows, Android and iOS - and even support Mac OS X and Linux. Once you start uploading files each file is encrypted individually and stored in a folder of your choice. Once stored all your files are avialble to you on any of your devices - computer, SmartPhone or tablet. So using your iOS or Android device you can upload and store your files securely even on-the-go. You can even drag and drop existing files into your BoxCryptor folder to safely encrypt and store them, the service also decrypts in real-time BoxCryptor uses the AES-256 standard to encrypt and protect all your files. The Standar AES-256 is classified by the U.S. Government to protect data that is “TOP SECRET” information. In addition to this, BoxCryptor also uses filename encryption.

Check out BoxCryptor here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Use DataLocker to encrypt and secure your DropBox files

The popularity of DropBox has proved once and for all the importance of cloud storage. More and more people are turning to storing their data in the cloud with the benefit that it will always be available to them no matter where they are. There is however a chance that you want to store some private and confidential information in the cloud and your service of choice is DropBox. So if that is the case you just might want to encrypt those files and then store is securely. DataLocker is a service that will help you do just that. With DataLocked you can store files from your native clients like Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPad. Once you download DataLocker you will be able to then use it to easily secure files and store the same in DropBox. 

DataLocker is the first product from 'Appsense labs' and is completely free to use. Currently the service is focused on DropBox and there is no information on when and if it will be available for iCloud and Skydrive. 

DataLocker: How does it work
You will first need to download and install the app. You will then need to link it to your DropBox account. You can then immediately start uploading new files while encrypting them. You will also be able to browse through existing files while protecting them and adding security. You can download the Windows version from here and the iOS app from here
DataLocker on the web

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