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Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to transfer multiple files from one Samsung Galaxy S3, to another

You might have the need to transfer or share files from one Samsung Galaxy s III to another S3 device. There may be many reasons why you might want to do this. Maybe you got yourself a new device and want to give the other one as a gift to a friend or family member. You also did not use Google Drive or DropBox to store your files in the cloud -- therefore none of your files have been saved using cloud storage. Whatever might be the reason there is an easy way to share from one Samsung Galaxy S3 to another S3 device and this is how to do it. Samsung Galaxy S3 has something called the S Beam -- which essentially lets you share files like photos and videos from device to the other. This is how S Beam works -- To share files you will need to turn on S Beam and then all you need to do is to bring both of the devices close together and touch them together back to back. Once you open the files you want to share touch both the phones back to back and the files will be transferred from one device to the other.

Transfer files from one Samsung Galaxy S3 to another easilyS Beam: How to turn on, enable or start
1. On your device touch 'Menu' ==> Settings ==> more settings and now touch S Beam
2. To turn it on touch the slider and S Beam will come into the 'On' position.
3. Now follow the same steps on the other device
4. Once both the devices have S Beam turned on, open the content you want to share
5. Touch both devices back to back
6. This prompt will appear 'Tap to Send'
7. You will now be asked to pull the devices apart.
8. The transferred file should now appear on the screen of the other device.

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