Monday, January 21, 2013

How to find out what's trending on Facebook and Twitter using NewsWhip

There are always stories from news sources that are being shared on Facebook and Twitter. Some of these stories go viral and start trending. Stories that start trending are the ones that receive the most likes and comments. There are those articles that your friends must be aware about and you might not have heard of the same. If you would like to know what articles are trending on Facebook and Twitter - web app NewsWhip seeks to enlighten you.

NewsWhipArticles from the news that gains traction on Facebook and its 1 billion users become very popular, and you end up reading about it in other news outlets. You don't have to be that person who gets left out. Periodically check NewsWhip or better still install their iOS App. This way on your iPhone or iPad you get the latest trending stories from Facebook and Twitter. Stories spread fast on Facebook and Twitter and NewsWhip will help you stay updated, with the latest trending topics and news stories from Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter  Articles that come to the top are the ones with the most likes, comments and retweets. Using these as analytical tools the latest news and current articles are brought to you.

NewsWhip on the web, NewsWhip iOS App.

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