Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Unsubscribe from Inbox Subscriptions and Notifications using Unroll.me

There comes a time where you a fed up with all the notifications and newsletters coming into inbox. There maybe a lot of Facebook notifications and other subscriptions that keep landing in your inbox. Sometimes users signup and subscribe to a whole lot of apps, news sites, blogs and Facebook notifications. Tracking all of this and making sense of it can be quite overwhelming. Also it might have been good when you first subscribed to some news service or subscription. Over time it might have lost its value and you no longer need it. This is not an unfamiliar scenario and I am sure as you read this you are in agreement.

Unroll.me - helps you clear the clutter from your InboxFortunately web app Unroll.me will help you take care of all this clutter and help to keep your inbox clean. We have previously written about this service and this is a follow-up post. Since there have been a lot of changes in the service. Previously after unsubscribing from 5 subscriptions you were asked to refer a friend to the service -- this has been done away with totally. You can now get rid of unwanted newsletters and not have to bother with deleting them one at a time and unsubscribing one at a time.

Unroll.me -- How does it work
You simply associate your Gmail. Google Apps or Yahoo mail with the service. Unroll.me uses open ID and therefore you will not need to share your password. Once installed the service will scan for notifications or anything else you get on a regular basis, like Facebook notifications or Twitter notifications. This will be presented to you in a compiled list. You can choose a service and unsubscribe with a single click. You can also get a personalized digest email everyday which would contain all the newsletters or Facebook and Twitter notifications you did not unsubscribe from. This way you get to see them, while Unroll.me keeps them out of your Inbox.

If you want to stop using the service you can revoke access at any time and join again at a later time. If you do give the service a twirl, do let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.


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