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Friday, February 6, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

That Kick is so impressive

Now that's what you call a kick. [image source]

And here's a meme to go along with it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Monday, September 15, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baseball Triple Play Awesome!!! [GIF]

Only 15 unassisted triple plays have occurred in the history of baseball. Originally uploaded here

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Video: Bolt leads 4x100 relay to world record at London Olympics

Jamaica win the 4X100 meters relay at the London 2012 Olympics
Over the finish line. 

Usain Bolt won his third Gold Medal at the London 2012 Olympics, by leading the Jamaican team to victory in the 4 x 100 meters relay. The Jamaican Team also set a new world record of 36.84 seconds. If you watch the YouTube video uploaded by the Olympics channel, you will see that it was almost even between the US and Jamaica when Usain Bolt started the final leg. he thundered past Ryan Bailey of the US to the finish line to set a new world record. When Yohan Blake started his third leg run everyone knew things were changing fast on the track. Usian took the baton to lead the team to victory. There was also a small situation after the relay, Usain wanted to keep the baton but the officials told him they need it back. He did give it back grudgingly but it was returned to him 40 minutes later. He was allowed to keep his memento. There has been a lot of discussion on the internet regarding his victory display and 'Doing the bolt' is also a small meme on the internet. Whether you like him or not let us not deny him his joy and jubilation and yes, his showmanship moves and just enjoy the run.

Video: Athletics Men's 4 x 100m Relay Final Full Replay 

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Usain Bolt wins 200m at the Olympics and Twitter

Usain Bolt promised himself to go into the record books as a legend. He won the 200m sprint at the Olympics London 2012 and truly moves into the record books as the only athlete to win the sprint double-double. Wining both events in 2008 and now 2012 Usain Bolt declared himself a legend. he did set himself anew Olympic record in the 100m dash but failed to do so in the 200m - saying it was because of an injury. So defending his titles for two consecutive Olympics is a record, he did create another record online just as he won the 200 meter sprint. He set a new Twitter record and Twitter sent out a Tweet  saying 'Record alert! @usainbolt sets a new Olympic Games conversation record with over 80,000 TPM for his 200m victory'. Yes that was an Olympic first on Twitter 80,000 tweets per minute after his victory. 

Please find the tweet below and we would like to join hands with Twitter in congratulating Usain Bolt.

Record alert! @usainbolt sets a new Olympic Games conversation record with over 80,000 TPM for his 200m victory. #Olympics
— Twitter (@twitter) August 9, 2012

Please find the official video below of Usain Bolt winning the 200m at London 2012 Olympics.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Google Doodle: Basketball 2012

Google's basketball Doodle for Olympics 2012

Google continues today with another Doodle - Basketball 2012. This is after their highly interactive doodle launched yesterday - hurdles 2012. Again like in the hurdles if you do well you stand to win three gold coins. You can win either none or 1 to 3 gold coins. You also have 24 seconds to shoot a many hoops as possible. 24 seconds is the short clock time used in basketball. Short clock was designed to quicken the pace of games and is used especially in basketball. 

How to play the basketball 2012 doodle from Google
Head over to Google and click the play button. You need to press the space bar once to hold the ball and press it again to release. This is where your skills lie, hold the space bar for too long and the ball goes right over the ring. There is a timer counting down your 24 seconds with a score board with the points you have earned. There maybe a way to slam-dunk but we haven't figured out how. 

This is definately not going to be the last interactive London 2012 Olympics doodle from Google and we can expect a few more in the coming days. Make sure you keep earning those gold coins. So give it a spin and if you come across any tips and tricks to make the doodle better, do let us know in the comments section below. To play head over to Google or if you want the permalink to play whenever you want, here it is

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

FASTEST MAN WHO'S EVER LIVED: Usain Bolt storms to record time in 100m

Usain Bolt wins 100m olympic gold at London 2012

Usain Bolt who before the 100m Olympic final held the records for fastest time in the 100m dash, has won Olympic gold once again. The world record stands at 9.58 - record held by Bolt. The Olympic record stands at 9.69 a record which is also help by Usain Bolt. Speculation has been rife about Bolt's fitness and will he even stand among the final medal winners. Just before the race there was no 'Do The Bolt' the lightning striking post of Usain Bolt. In face before the start of the race by put his finger to his mouth and shushed the audience. It was like him saying hold your breath and wait for the result. It must have also symbolized that it was time to silence the critics of who there are many. Usain won the race with a new Olympic record 9.64. Proving he is still the man to beat and the fastest man on the planet. 

Yohan Blake, won the silver in 9.75,  Justin Gatlin of the U.S. took the bronze in 9.79. Post winning Usain said that he went out there to challenge a mountain and beat the odds said Justin Gaitlin. Check out the video of the 100m Olympic final below and see for yourself how the fastest man on the plannet won the race in style.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Video: This week in Athletics -Usain Bolt False Start and 200m Win

For all of us who were waiting for the 100m and specifically to watch Usain Bolt win, were disappointed. No one knew this more than Usain himself. Who promoised to make it up to fans. Well he did do justice to his promise by winning the 200m race. Suffering from the previous false start Bolt started the 200m race a little slower. But by the time the race was finished Bolt had left the rest of the runners far behind. His jubilation after winning must be seen to be enjoyed. His trademark invisible arrow was short into space and then he played hide-and-seek with the cameras. He holds the world record with a timing of 19.19, this time he clocked 19:40 which is the fourth fastest in the world. The IAAF World Championships 2011 are happening at Daegu, South Korea.

Usain Bolt and his boys also won the 4X100m relay and set a world record 37.04. seconds. After the disappointing false start at the 100m Bolt now has something to really be proud of.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Dennis Rodman Enters Basketball Hall Of Fame [Video]

A tearful Dennis Rodman took to the stage and melted people's hearts. Rodman confessed that he would like to be a better father and a better son. Rodman spoke of his early years and his father leaving him at the age of 5. In his late teens he was not getting on with his mom and she asked him to leave home. His wife of 11 years has stood by him which Rodman said he greatly appreciates. The speech is completely from the heart and you need to watch it. "I didn't play the game for the money," he said. "I didn't play the game to be famous. What you see here is just an illusion that I love to be an individual that's very colorful."Twitter has been on fire every since the Hall of Fame acceptance speech was put out by the NBA. With comments like 'OMG his father had 47 kids'. Another tweet said 'Congratulations on the HOF Induction'. 

Dennis Rodman 2011 Hall Of Fame Speech (VIDEO) by 3030fm

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Now Michael Phelps has a Weibo account

Image Crdit: Phelps Twitter Account
Michael Phelps is in Shanghai for the world 2011 swimming championships this weekend. He does not appear to be the best and that distinction goes to another free spirit who goes by the name of Ryan lochte. Phelps is on Twitter and Facebook where he keeps in touch with his fans, friends and followers. He is a frequent Twitter user as can be sen from his account. Since landing in China he was under the impression that he would not be able to use these social networking sites that have been banned in China. Apparently not so and since landing he has been tweeting constantly. Chinese fans have been using roundabout  methods to be able to read his tweets. He connected to Facebook and Twitter and found that he had access and just kept on tweeting, in addition to that he also has a weibo account.

We have already written about weibo which is a Chinese micro-blogging site much like Twitter. It has been built along the lines of Twitter and is huhgely popular in China. In fact some of Hollywood's biggies already have weibo account to reach out to this Chinese fans. In fact Tom Hanks has a weibo account and following him was Emma Watson. Phelps has earned himself a lot of Chinese fans who can now follow what he says on weibo.

Follow Michael Phelps on Twitter
Follow Ryan Lochte on Twitter

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