Sunday, September 4, 2011

Video: This week in Athletics -Usain Bolt False Start and 200m Win

For all of us who were waiting for the 100m and specifically to watch Usain Bolt win, were disappointed. No one knew this more than Usain himself. Who promoised to make it up to fans. Well he did do justice to his promise by winning the 200m race. Suffering from the previous false start Bolt started the 200m race a little slower. But by the time the race was finished Bolt had left the rest of the runners far behind. His jubilation after winning must be seen to be enjoyed. His trademark invisible arrow was short into space and then he played hide-and-seek with the cameras. He holds the world record with a timing of 19.19, this time he clocked 19:40 which is the fourth fastest in the world. The IAAF World Championships 2011 are happening at Daegu, South Korea.

Usain Bolt and his boys also won the 4X100m relay and set a world record 37.04. seconds. After the disappointing false start at the 100m Bolt now has something to really be proud of.

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