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Friday, August 12, 2011

Dennis Rodman Enters Basketball Hall Of Fame [Video]

A tearful Dennis Rodman took to the stage and melted people's hearts. Rodman confessed that he would like to be a better father and a better son. Rodman spoke of his early years and his father leaving him at the age of 5. In his late teens he was not getting on with his mom and she asked him to leave home. His wife of 11 years has stood by him which Rodman said he greatly appreciates. The speech is completely from the heart and you need to watch it. "I didn't play the game for the money," he said. "I didn't play the game to be famous. What you see here is just an illusion that I love to be an individual that's very colorful."Twitter has been on fire every since the Hall of Fame acceptance speech was put out by the NBA. With comments like 'OMG his father had 47 kids'. Another tweet said 'Congratulations on the HOF Induction'. 

Dennis Rodman 2011 Hall Of Fame Speech (VIDEO) by 3030fm

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