Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to find Vine videos on Twitter

Vine is the latest App from Twitter that has made a splash as a mico-video tool. We have already written about Vine and how it can be used to shoot and share 6 second videos on Twitter. with Vine you have 6 seconds to shoot a video, which then plays in loop - these videos can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. People are really having fun with this new app and there are now lots of vine videos now appearing on Twitter. These videos are fun and can be quite addictive. Being shot by just everyday people gives it a personalized touch and is something people can relate to. You can find and surf all of these videos videos on Twitter -- maybe even follow some of the more creative and cleaver video makers. Vine is a free videos shooting and broadcasting tool which is growing in popularity.

Vine Twitter App LogoHow to search for all Vine videos being shared on Twitter.
1. Login to Twitter
2. In the search bar type 'Vine.co'
3. All the videos being shared by Vine users will appear in real-time
4. You can now surf and find some really cool videos.

You can also view the latest 20 vine videos shared on Twitter by going to justvined.com

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