Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How does Cinemagram work

Cinemagr.am is an amazing app that lets you create short loop videos and share with your friends. Kind of works like Twitter's Vine app - you press the record button and the videos is captured and looped together like an animated GIF image on steroids. The animated GIF has stood the test of time - with all the improvements in Tech and the amount of Technology being rolled out everyday from glasses to watches. The humble GIF stands proud and it's not going anywhere. Users on the interwebs love looking at GIFs - Reddit is testimony to that.

cinemagramSo if you like Apps like Instagram and Vine you now have Cinemagram. The app is very social once you create your short cinema, share it on your feed. You can also find other feeds to follow and you can also share with your FB, Twitter and other social networking friends of yours.

The App also provides different editing editing and filter options. To make your videos and images more vivid. The end result of your productions on Cinemagram are known as A Cine pronounced "cinny" / "cinnie," - these are your animated photos created using Cinemagram.

Get Cinemagram now on your Android or iOS device. Click here to see trending images on Cinemagram.

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