Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Watermark your images online

Sometimes when you want to share an image online you would like to add a watermark. Adding a watermark is a quick and easy way to add a word or few words to your images. The greatest benefit by doing this is that it prevents other people from stealing your images and using it as their own - prevents plagiarism. This is a constant threat to online images - sometimes people don't know how to do this the quick and easy way - enter uMarkOnline.

watermark images onlineuMarkOnline - how does it work
uMarkOnline is a very simple and easy to use webapp. It is Windows based and all you need to do is to simply upload your image or images and type the word or words you want to watermark. Once you enter your text you then have a few more options like bold, text size and italics. Once that is done it comes down to choosing a color for your text - use the color picker and location for your watermark. The image will update in real-time with your changes. once your done use right-click to download your image and it's now ready for use.

Try UMarkOnline now for free.

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