Saturday, April 27, 2013

Google Glass Hacked

Google Glass the futuristic tech gadget from Google has been hacked. Google Glass must have been a target for hackers ever since its release. With a name like Glass it was begging for hackers to try and tinker with it. That is exactly what has been done by Jay Freeman also known as Saurik, who created the Cydia App store for JailBreak iOS phones did just that. With the hack he has successfully gained root access to Google Glass.

Google Glass hackedThe way he went about it was that, after discovering that Google Glass ran on Android 4.0.4 he began testing older known exploits and discovered that one exploit worked. The exploit released by a hacker that goes by the name of B1nary, allowed him full access to Google Glass operating system. he says he is not really sure what he would be able to do with the root access. There are some things that could be possible like, storing files locally and not on Google servers. he is not the first to gain root access to Google Glass.

So how has Google responded to the hack. Tim Bray Google Staffer says 'Google Glass is hackable, Duh. As usual Google is already a step ahead. hackers however are some really cool dudes, who have immensely help Tech become cleaner and safer.

Source: Forbes


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