Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to setup geotagging on your Instagram Photo Map

Instagram have updated their iOS and Android apps. One of the main features being touted about the new and updated version of the app is the ability to add geolocation to your photos. This helps in better discovery of your photos and when people visit your 'Photo Map'. Photo Map will display all the photos yo have added to your map by visiting the different places of your map. You might not want to add all your photos to the Photo Map and so there is the easy ability to select or deselect which photos you do not want appearing on the map. So only photos you are comfortable with can be added to the map. Instagram has more than 80 million users and many of who would not mind adding a location feature to their photos. This gives people who are viewing photos a better idea of there they have been taken. This tool can also be used to discover new places and locations. You can also use it to find beautiful places for your next vacation.

Instagram Photo Map - geotagging instagram photos

Instagram Photo Map: How does it work

How to setup and get Photo Map on Instagram
You will need the latest version of Instagram 3.0 for your iPhone or iPad and is available here. Android users can get Instagram 3.0 here from the Google Play store. Once installed you will see the new tab - photo map. Once you tap and navigate there you will see photos you have geotaged in the past grouped together with location. 

How to add or remove photos to set up your Photo Map
Using Photo Map for the first time you will see all photos grouped together with geolocation that you might have added in the past. From here you can tap on any image which have the green tick mark to deselect the photo or just let it be and it is kept on your Photo Map. You will need to review all the photos and once your satisfied you can tap done to create your map.

How to edit Photo Map
You will always have the ability to remove or add photos to your photo map in Instagram. Simply navigate to your photo map and click the 'edit' button that appears in the upper right corner. 

How to view your friends' Photo Maps
Navigate to your friends profile and click on 'Photo Map' - now you can navigate to all the places they have been to. To view photos grouped together tap on the stack and tap once more to view the photos on a grid. 

How to add photos to Photo Map while uploading
While posting in the future make sure 'Add to Photo Map' is turned on. You can also add location and than click share to share with your pals on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want the visuals please check the video  below.

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