Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rich kids Of Instagram Tumblr, causing quite a stir

Every once in a while there is a Tumblr created that gets featured on headlines across the globe. This is one such Tumblr blog, named 'The Rich kids of Instagram'. The blog features rick kids and the things they do - more specifically the fun they have. Like travelling in private jets, drinking expensive liquor, getting expensive cars as gifts. The owner of the Tumblr remains anonymous and therefore no comments have yet been obtained as to why this was created. Tags accompanying the Tumblr however are a good giveaway. 'Cars, Luxury, The One percent, Socialites, mansions, beautiful and drugs'. The One Percent became an internet meme last year. Actually it was called the 99 percent - where people were talking about being part of the 99 percent while the remaining 1 percent lived in luxury. why could not the 1 percent be taxed more.

One of the rich kids have responded on television saying that these photos were shared on Instagram just among friends and did not realize that it would be splashed all across the internet.  Whatever maybe the reasons this is one Tumblr that you're going to have a look at even though you might hate it. There is a picture of Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton's little brother taking a stroll on the beach with a blond, another of Tiffany Trump posting pics of the families private jet. There is also a Twitter account and to follow the story you will need to use the hashtag #rkoi. These rich kids with their expensive phones and an Instagram account could well have taken better photos, just saying.

Here are a few picture from the Tumblr

Baron Hilton - Paris Hilton's little brother taking a stroll on the beach

Tiffany Trump's photo of their private jet

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