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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rich kids Of Instagram Tumblr, causing quite a stir

Every once in a while there is a Tumblr created that gets featured on headlines across the globe. This is one such Tumblr blog, named 'The Rich kids of Instagram'. The blog features rick kids and the things they do - more specifically the fun they have. Like travelling in private jets, drinking expensive liquor, getting expensive cars as gifts. The owner of the Tumblr remains anonymous and therefore no comments have yet been obtained as to why this was created. Tags accompanying the Tumblr however are a good giveaway. 'Cars, Luxury, The One percent, Socialites, mansions, beautiful and drugs'. The One Percent became an internet meme last year. Actually it was called the 99 percent - where people were talking about being part of the 99 percent while the remaining 1 percent lived in luxury. why could not the 1 percent be taxed more.

One of the rich kids have responded on television saying that these photos were shared on Instagram just among friends and did not realize that it would be splashed all across the internet.  Whatever maybe the reasons this is one Tumblr that you're going to have a look at even though you might hate it. There is a picture of Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton's little brother taking a stroll on the beach with a blond, another of Tiffany Trump posting pics of the families private jet. There is also a Twitter account and to follow the story you will need to use the hashtag #rkoi. These rich kids with their expensive phones and an Instagram account could well have taken better photos, just saying.

Here are a few picture from the Tumblr

Baron Hilton - Paris Hilton's little brother taking a stroll on the beach

Tiffany Trump's photo of their private jet

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tebowing [Pics]

Tebowing is the latest internet meme to hit the internet. Will it become the next planking type internet craze. The whole thing started when Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow won his first NFL game on Sunday. he got down on one knee with his fist under his chin to pray and thank God. The verb 'Tebowing' would be the act of giving thanks while on one knee. The latest crazy has sent people on their knees and it comes close on the heels of 'Rapture Bomb', the internet crazy of taking a picture of people's clothes minus the people. This craze seems destined to hit people around the world as entire teams con now be seen Tebowing. Here is a pic of Tim Tebowing below and others who have followed. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you think you need to take you own shot Tebowing. Please add the same below. remember you need to do this when other people around you are doing something else. Also known as the latest way to celebrate Goals. If you have achieved something you can Tebow to commemorate the achievement. This photo fad is set to grow big.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Siri Funny [Pics]

Siri the voiced based personal assistant that comes pre-loaded with the iPhone 4S gotten really funny. This is fast spreading as an Internet Meme and has to do with funny things Siri says. You can ask Siri anything and some of the replies are really funny and users are recording screencaps and screenshots of their interactions and uploading it to the web. Somethings are really funny and Siri is really catching on. There are many websites you cna now go to upload your Siri screenshots to.  This is all happening real quick and the funny Siri interactions and spreading like wildfire. Here are a few Siri funnies. 

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Canon 1D [Pics]

Twitter is abuzz with the TT 'Canon 1D', reference to the new camera from Canon. The new  EOS 1D x comes with a host of features that most photographers will want. One of the most notable features in the camera is Wireless Lan Ethernet Connection with the WFT-E6A. What this essentially does it allow you to capture images and then start uploading right away. So this way if you are in a politically sensitive area you can take your shots and starts your uploading using a mobile hotspot. Maybe you get caught by the cops who ask you to delete your photos, you can delete it in front of them since you would have already stored a backup copy on your home PC. Signal strength will be a factor however. 

The DSLR will also come with multi-exposure capability, which means you can combine up to 9 images into 1 frame without the next of an external computer. The Cannon 1D X features a 35 mm sized sensor and is 18 mpx, giving it low noise and dynamic range. You can also record video for up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds. The camera also automatically starts a new video when it reaches 4 GB. The Canon 1D will cost $7,000 for just the body.

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Rapture Bomb Internet Meme [Pics]

 Rapture Bomb or Rapture Bombing is an internet meme that started and spread because of  Harold Camping,  the pastor who predicted that the would would end on May 21. That date has long past and the elect are still with us. After that failure he went on to say that the world would end on Oct 21. Which is this Friday, on the internet the world ending in 2011 does not seem to be the accepted trend. 2012 seems to be the date people are most comfortable with.

On Twitter the hashtag to follow would be #rapturebomb or #rapturebombing. Here are pics from the meme that have been spreading that shows you what the world would look like without the elect. A spin-off would be the Rapture Dad who is sitting all alone without his kids. Check out these fantastic photos and images below. 

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

We are the 99 percent Internet Meme [Pics]

This seems to have started on 23 Aug, 2011 a month before the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests started on 17 Sep, 2011. many of the people carrying slogans at the protests has this as their catch phrase. Many even asking people to link back to the Tumblr site that started it off. If you visit the 'We are the 99 percent' tumblr page, you will see that this 'Brought to you be the people who started the Occupy Wall Street protests'. That is a little background to this whole movement that seems to be gaining momentum on the internet.

The idea behind We are the 99% is very simple. You take a photo of yourself and with a handwritten message of how the financial situation is affecting you and post it to the tumblr site. The meaning itself seeks to draw attention to the fact that 99% of Americans are burdened with taxes while the 1% top rich get away with paying hardly anything. 

Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts. 

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Friday, October 7, 2011

iSad becomes popular among images of Apple's Steve Jobs

When people heard of the death of Steve Jobs one of the trending topics on Twitter was the hashtag #iSad. This was what people used to convey their grief to others. iSad however is slowly going on to become an internet sensation or meme. There are a number of pranksters who have been joking about the whole thing. That is something we do not want to get into here because Steve Jobs is respected and always will be.

The iSad theme however is beginning to take shape and you can see from the images and pics below how the logo is designed according to Apple styling and conveys the message in a very Apple sort of way. iSorry also seems to be gaining momentum and we will need to wait and see. for now here are a collection of iSad and iSorry images. If you have any images please send them to us and we will host them on this site, giving you full credit. Apple iSad images and iSorry images. 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4s - Features and Highlights. 

After the expected announcement of the iPhone 5, Apple came out with something else the iPhone 4S. Some of the major highlights of the new phone are actually quiet amazing and Apple has held on to its market share. There is an all new 8 mp camera and iOS5 and iCloud. With the launch of the iPhone 4S there has been the new addition Siri.

What is Siri

Siri is you intelligent assistant residing inside your phone to help you. Some of the features of Siri include allowing you to send messages using your voice. You can also ask Siri to do things like schedule meetings and place a phone call. Siri is intelligent enough to talk back to you and works like your own personal assistant on the iPhone 4s

Duel-core A5 Chip

Perfect for gamers and people who require a lot of graphics. The two cores of the chip deliver twice the power and up to seven times faster graphics. Apple also says that the chip is very power-efficient. We will know how powerful it really is after it is tested in real-life.

8MP Camera

The camera is said to make the best use of light and not rely on Megapixels only. So when you are shooting the camera makes use of whatever light is available to give you great looking picturs to show-off with on your phone or HDTV. Apple says that while shooting with the new camera the way it uses light ensure that darks are not too dark and lights are not too light. You can also edit photos on the phone, crop,  rotate, remove red-eye etc. Tap HDR and the camera takes three shots each with a different exposure level and then layers it together. With photo stream in iCloud, you photos are sent to all your devices.

iOS 5

The new operating system for the iPhone 4s, some of the highlights of iOS 5 will be its notification center to see all your notifications in one place. iMessage the place to send texts to all your iPhone buddies and does not cost you anything. Newsstand a shelf in your phone to store all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Reminders to let you know what you were supposed to do. Twitter is also integrated right into iOS 5. Web browser Safari - with the promise to deliver only content sans ads and clutter. It is also PC-free so you do not need a PC to activate it. AirPlay mirroring - play whatever is on your phone wirelessly on HDTV via Apple TV.  

Pics and Videos below

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