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Friday, October 7, 2011

iSad becomes popular among images of Apple's Steve Jobs

When people heard of the death of Steve Jobs one of the trending topics on Twitter was the hashtag #iSad. This was what people used to convey their grief to others. iSad however is slowly going on to become an internet sensation or meme. There are a number of pranksters who have been joking about the whole thing. That is something we do not want to get into here because Steve Jobs is respected and always will be.

The iSad theme however is beginning to take shape and you can see from the images and pics below how the logo is designed according to Apple styling and conveys the message in a very Apple sort of way. iSorry also seems to be gaining momentum and we will need to wait and see. for now here are a collection of iSad and iSorry images. If you have any images please send them to us and we will host them on this site, giving you full credit. Apple iSad images and iSorry images. 

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