Monday, October 17, 2011

Canon 1D [Pics]

Twitter is abuzz with the TT 'Canon 1D', reference to the new camera from Canon. The new  EOS 1D x comes with a host of features that most photographers will want. One of the most notable features in the camera is Wireless Lan Ethernet Connection with the WFT-E6A. What this essentially does it allow you to capture images and then start uploading right away. So this way if you are in a politically sensitive area you can take your shots and starts your uploading using a mobile hotspot. Maybe you get caught by the cops who ask you to delete your photos, you can delete it in front of them since you would have already stored a backup copy on your home PC. Signal strength will be a factor however. 

The DSLR will also come with multi-exposure capability, which means you can combine up to 9 images into 1 frame without the next of an external computer. The Cannon 1D X features a 35 mm sized sensor and is 18 mpx, giving it low noise and dynamic range. You can also record video for up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds. The camera also automatically starts a new video when it reaches 4 GB. The Canon 1D will cost $7,000 for just the body.

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