Monday, October 17, 2011

Rapture Bomb Internet Meme [Pics]

 Rapture Bomb or Rapture Bombing is an internet meme that started and spread because of  Harold Camping,  the pastor who predicted that the would would end on May 21. That date has long past and the elect are still with us. After that failure he went on to say that the world would end on Oct 21. Which is this Friday, on the internet the world ending in 2011 does not seem to be the accepted trend. 2012 seems to be the date people are most comfortable with.

On Twitter the hashtag to follow would be #rapturebomb or #rapturebombing. Here are pics from the meme that have been spreading that shows you what the world would look like without the elect. A spin-off would be the Rapture Dad who is sitting all alone without his kids. Check out these fantastic photos and images below. 

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