Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to create a Instagram Photo Collage for use as your Twitter Background using InstaBG

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Instagram photos are all the rage on the internet and they show no signs of slowing down or dying out. There are a whole lot of Apps coming out that make use of those amazing Instagram photos. We previously wrote about how to create a collage using Instagram photos and how to create a Instagram Collage for your Facebook Timeline. You can now use this same magic with InstaBG - no marks for guessing that BG stands for BackGround. This is a really cool Twitter App that lets you create an amazing background with nothing but Instagram pics, photos and images. 

How to create and set a Twitter background with your Instagram images.

1. You will first need to access the app at InstaBG
2. Once your on the Panel you can then target photos you want to use. Choose from All - which will allow you to use other people's public Instagram photos. If you want to use your photos enter your Instagram ID and access all your pics. You can now choose category and then tags. 
3. Next choose if you want you collage to auto update or remain the same.
4. Choose the order of the collage - new, popular or random
5. Choose your layout - select small if you want a whole lot of snaps
6. Next layout, spacing and rounded. Choose the collage type that best suits you.
7. You can now display the date along with the pics used and the number of likes each photos has received.
8. Click on preview - if you like it you can set this image as your Twitter background. Sign-in to Twitter before using the app or add your login details and you're done. 

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