Monday, June 25, 2012

Facebook: How to edit comments

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Facebook now has the ability to edit comments. Previously if you posted a comment and then saw that you might have said the wrong thing or would like to say it differently or maybe made a spelling mistake. you would need to delete it and start all over again. This has been taken care of and you now can edit comments. You cannot however edit a post, this is one feature that Facebook should look into making available to its users. 

Edit my comments on Facebook: How does it work.
You might be wondering about notifications and what happen when you edit a comment. For users who have the notifications set to: Comments on a post you were tagged in. Your comment will reach their notifications bar or also their email account if it is set to receive comments from certain threads. So people will be able to see your comment before the edit. Facebook thankfully have updated their notifications settings and they also have the ability to filter what reaches people's inbox.

How to edit your comment on Facebook
1. To edit a comment, access the post that has your comment
2. Hover over the right-hand side of the post and a pencil icon will show up with 'edit or delete'
3. Click on it and choose either edit or delete
4. You can now press 'Esc' to cancel your edit or click the 'Enter' button to save your edit

Note: When you go back to your edited comment, you can view your previous edits by clicking the edited link below the comment. 

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