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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gmail Blue - The Blue Inbox for you

Gmail Blue might have been a joke but its's now a reality. If you want to stay closer to nature while working on Gmail and your Inbox - maybe reflect on the ocean, mountains or the moon, while you work. You should try Gmail Blue. Gmail Blue is a Chrome Extension that once installed turns your entire Gmail experience blue. It's still the same old mail but everything turned blue. you click on compose and it's blue, you type and it's blue again. Nothing changes just the colors - it might not be for everyone, but if this is something you fancy and you would like to have a blue inbox, this is extension is worth trying out.

Gmail Blue get a blue inboxIn Fact, the folks over at Google say that it was one of the original concepts. many other colors were tried like orange and brown. Brown was a disaster but blue survived. Gmail just celebrated its 9th birthday and with it comes the release of blue. Click the link below to add the extension to chrome and have fun in blue. Moon-child that you are.

Get the Google Blue Chrome Extension here.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Productivity Owl helps you stop wasting time on the internet

Productivity Owl is here to make sure you stop wasting your precious work time on sites not helping you. With Productivity Owl you get an animated character that gets angry when you go to time wasting websites, and stop concentrating on your work. The is a Chrome Extension that when installed will help you out with your work day, or your study day. When setting up the extension you would need to enter a list of allowed websites, and a list of blocked websites. When browsing you have only 30 seconds to get what you want and get out. Failure to do so will annoy the owl, and it will swoop down and close the webpage you're currently wasting your time on.

Helps you stop wasting time on the internet.Productivity Owl - How does it work.
Once you add the extension to Chrome you would need to set 'Allowed Sites' and 'Blocked Sites'.
Blocked sites can be accessed only during times you've setup.
Work related sites can be visited whenever you want.
Visit a site that is not on your lists and by default you have 30 seconds to get what you want and leave. You can set your own time here.
When visiting a non-work-related site the angry owl will show-up
Do this enough number of times and the owl starts loosing respect for you.

Get Productivity Owl for Chrome now.

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to get Instagram photos back in your Twitter feed

Instagram have completely removed support for Twitter Cards and therefore users cannot share Instagram photos on Twitter. Only a link gets shared and no photo. If you are one of those people who's used to seeing those nice Instagram photos in your Twitter feed or Mobile Interface. That ability is gone and Twitter on the other hand have released their own photo-sharing with filter effects feature. If however you still want to be able to view Instagram photos on Twitter there is a Chrome Extension for that. With the extension you will be able to view photos in your Twitter stream and users Photo Galleries.

Instatwit to get back instagram photos to TwitterHow to view Instagram photos on Twitter
You will need to download and install the InstaTwit Chrome Extension on your device.
Once installed on your device all you need to do is to refresh your Twitter page and all the Instagram photos are visible.

So all those Instagram photos and user galleries become visible and users have the ability to view all of this right from within Twitter.

InstaTwit Chrome Extension

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to replace all baby photos on your Facebook with cat photos

This seems to be so annoying to some users that there is a new app that will do this. Once installed it will search your Facebook News Feed it will search for all those baby photos and replace them with pictures of cats and other awesome stuff. The purpose of the app is to make sure that you don't have to look at all your friends' annoying kids anymore. It is also a fun app and you need to try it out to see how it works. How does it work
This is a Chrome Extension and will not work on other browsers.So open your Facebook in Google Chrome head over to the app and simple click on the install button. Once the app has been installed you can then allow it to work naturally. whihc has some limitations. basically the creators of the app have made it to search by default keywords like cute, mommy etc. You can however add your own keywords and if you don't want to see your friends' vacation shots you can do that also and thereby get your daily  dose of cat photos. If you don't like cats however you can set the app to use a feed from your favorite RSS feed like Nasa's POD feed or add an Instagram feed and change the tags to dogs or cute animals or whatever else you want.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to rearrange Google black bar navigation options [Chrome]

You know how when you open Google or Gmail or many other Google products. You get this black bar on top of the page. Sometimes there are options that you use more often then the ones that are permanently stuck there. You usually see search, images, maps play etc. now these might not be your most used Google services. You might want to have videos or reader over there. Some of these services are in the drop-down menu and can be quiet a pain when your working fast. You need to go to the drop-down menu click it and then go to the service you want to. With Big G Black Bar Sorter - a chrome extension all you need to do is to install the app and then simply drag and drop options in the Google navigation bar. You can also drag and drop options available in the drop-down menu. It's also fun to see how you can just pull a menu out of the black bar drop-down and fix it as a permanent link on the top right within the black bar. 

How to rearrange the black bar menu options in Google 
1. You will need to get Big G Black Bar Sorter - click the link and install.
2. Open Gmail or Google and now go to the black bar click on the option you want to move and then simply drag and drop
3. if you want to move an option form the drop-down, click the drop-down menu and then move the service name to anywhere in the black bar.
4. Simple arrange as you want and leave it be. It will work just fine.
5. You're done

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to find the best apps for Chrome recommended by your Google+ friends

The Google Chrome Store now has an improvement. The ability to find Chrome Apps and Extensions recommended by your Google+ circles and friends. The point of the whole exercise is not just to now which Chrome Apps your pals are using but finding the most popular ones, recommended by your friends. it can be quiet insightful and the apps being used by your Google+ friends might be the ones trending and becoming popular. The Chrome App store is extremely useful and since Chrome became the most used browser in the world, their app store has been offering some of the most amazing apps, to make your Chrome experience even easier. Apps are all about improving your Browser experience.

How to find Google Chrome apps my Google+ friends are using
1. Go to Google Chrome Web Store
2. On the left hand side click on 'From your circles'
3. You find a list of Apps that your friends have added a +1 to
4. you will also find a few suggestions from the folks at Google to help you discover more
5. Click on the App and on the right-hand corner of the app see how many people have +1d the app. 
So try out this new feature and do let us know how it helped. 

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Monday, June 4, 2012

How to quickly delete Facebook Messages [Chrome]

Image Credit: Facebook Fast messages delete

The message of this Chrome extension is very simple. Deleting messages people send you on Facebook is quiet a tiresome and cumbersome process. You need to first login to Facebook, access your messages and then click the small (x) mark that appears when you hover over the end of the message. Once you click the (X) mark the message is archived. To actually delete the message you need to click on it, open it and then under actions choose 'Delete Messages' all very time consuming. On Facebook who wants to take so much time just to clean one's inbox. Facebook Fast Delete Messages is a Chrome Extension that will do this for you.

Facebook Fast Delete Messages: How does it work
1. Go to the extension using your Chrome Browser
2. Click the app to chrome button
3. Login to Facebook now if your already logged in, logout and log back in again and it should work
4. when you go to your messages inbox there is now a red (x) mark beside Facebook's blue one.
5. Clicking the red mark will delete the message in one step only

Have fun and this extension sure makes deleting Facebook messages that much easier and a lot less time consuming. 
Facebook Fast Delete Messages

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chrome: Perform a Google Image search on any Pinterest image

Image Credit: Pin Search

Pinterest has lost no interest in terms of the number of people who spend time on the service gazing dreamily at photos, images and pictures and who continue to do the same for quiet some time. Anyways there is a Chrome App if you would like to dig even deeper and find out more. Many people would want that, as the wealth of information available when you do a Google search on a photo. With this Chrome App called 'Pin Search' you can add the power of Google search to those pictures and find out more information related to the image. Like who took the photograph, websites the same image appears on, location and if it a fairly well know photo then the date and time. A very useful app for people who spend a lot of time on Pinterest and would like to find out a little more about images and photos they come across.

Pin Search: How does it work

1. Add the extension to your Chrome 

2. Now whenever you are on Pinterest and you hover over a photo, you get a pop-up like search button. Click it and perform your Google search. The best part is that the search option only appears when you hover over an image.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Google Chrome Themes - Create your own

Google Chrome is now set to take over as king of web browsers. According to stats from statcounter over the last weekend. Google Chrome was the most popular web-browser in the world. This seems to be happening over weekends when people are away from their work computers and on their personal PCs. Chrome is the web-browser of choice for personal use. It is significantly faster that IE and much easier to use. So with all its popularity, users would want some nice themes to go with it. The default theme fro Chrome can be quiet a bore and you can spice up your Chrome experience with amazing themes that are available online for free.

Here is a list of resources to help you get the best Google Chrome Theme.

1. Google Chrome Web Store

You can search for an entire range of themes at the Chrome Web Store and search by Artists or by Google itself. The ones by Google are the kind that are a little plain and the best bet would be to search for themes by artists. A lot of Anime themes seem to be very popular with users right now.

2. Use My Chrome Theme to create your own

This Chrome Extension lets you create you own theme in 3 easy steps. What you need to do once you install the app is to upload a photo, once you do that you can then adjust you image - size, placements and more. Next you can add color - add color to tabs, omnibox and remaining parts of the browser. You can add your own photo for bragging rights with your pals. When they see Chrome open with your photo. Once completed you can then share your Theme on Google+, use it on your own chrome or create a separate link to share with people. 

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Friday, March 16, 2012

How to disable or remove Facebook Timeline and view profiles in the old Facebook style

Facebook Old profile style

There is new a hand y little app that helps you hide Facebook Timeline. The app is actually a chrome extension that you can add to your chrome browser and it works by hiding Timeline. You can then begin to view your profiles and other people's profiles with the old Facebook back and not in the new Facebook Timeline mode. When other people visit your profile however they will still be able to view your profile in the Timeline format. So, it does not really turn-off Facebook Timeline but simply hides it from you while you are browsing Facebook.

In reality your Facebook profile will still show in the new Timeline format but while you are working on Facebook Timeline everything you view will be in the old Facebook style and format. So if you find it annoying to keep looking at people's profiles in the new Facebook Timeline style this will bring you the old Facebook look, feel and style back. Something that most users had gotten used to and fell in love with. This extension will do a pretty good job at bringing it back for you. There is a also a toggle in the app to help you switch between old and new Facebook. So when your want to view profile with Timeline all you need to do is to toggle back and forth between old and new styles.

So keep in mind that this app only disables the display of the new Timeline and does not get rid of it. So in essence it allows you to work and use Facebook in the old style, when you view your friends profiles, they will appear in the old Facebook style with the Timeline. When you friends view your profile it will appear in the Timeline display.
Timeline Remove

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Use a Google a Day puzzle to sharpen your search skills and learn something new for the day

A Google a day is a daily puzzle delivered everyday form the people over at Google. The deal is very simple you head over everyday and try to solve the daily puzzle. It is always something quiet different and will definitely make sure you do learn something new for the day. Well, at least for most of us. Once you land on the App and you start solving the puzzle it is advisable that you use the Google search that is available there as it specializes in filtering out answers solved by other users and who have posted it online.

A Google a Day: how does it work
This is definitely a place to visit for a few minutes everyday and get the old grey matter chugging. So if you think you are really good at Google search and are able to find the answers to tough questions quick this is a place to prove yourself. Google search is quiet sophisticated and you can use the internet to find just about anything. The thing is are you good at making the search engine work for you. if you think your Google search skills need improvement then this is a place to experiment and practice. To give you a example here is today's question: You can thank this president for doubling the size of the United States, and for making you more comfortable at work. What piece of office furniture did he invent?
If you do solve this please enter the answer in the comments section below
A Google a Day you can also follow on Twitter to get your daily puzzle. Get the Chrome extension here

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Monday, February 20, 2012

youRhere mark the exact place you left off reading an article [Chrome Extensions]

Image Credit: youRhere

YouRhere is a simple Chrome extension that works like this. When you are busy surfing the web and come across an article that you stat reading, and you need to leave off reading because something else comes up. youRhere has a small semi-transparent marker next to the mouse pointer. Click on it once and the app will store the exact line where you stopped reading, will save the article for later reading. So you don't have to worry about a half-read article. You can come back to it at a later time and start reading from the exact line where you left-off. The extension will also allow you to share the article with you Facebook and Twitter pals.

An extension like this comes in very handy especially for people who spend a lot of time reading on the internet. Most people who do this realize how easy it is to get  engrossed in an article and the comments, that one forgets time and also other jobs that need to get done. A handy little app like this that works constantly in the background can save a lot of time and effort. When you need to leave suddenly in the middle of an article. Instead of making a note and saving the article, simply do it with a single click. If you do install this Chrome Extension please give us feedback in the comments section below. 
Install youRhere Chrome Extension now

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Google Adsense Chrome Extension

This new Chrome Extension lets Adsense publishers check their earnings right from their Chrome browser. Without having to sing-out and sing-in again with your Adsense account. For security reasons many publishers do not use their primary Gmail ID as their Adsense account. This extension comes in handy in that sense, because once it is installed you can keep doing your work using whichever email ID you use. While working if you feel you would like to check how much you have earned in your Adsense account. You can just click on the extension's icon in Google chrome and a summary of you Adsense earnings pop out.

What is the summary displayed by Adsense Summary Toolbar by Google.
1. A summary of how much you have earned so far during the day
2. How much you earned yesterday
3. How much you earned the last month
4. How much you have earned this month so far
5. You top custom channels
6. Your top URL channels
7. Lifetime revenue

How to install Adsense publisher Toolbar.
1. Please follow the link below and click install
2. If you have logged-in using an email account that is not your Adsense account. Sign-out and sign-in with your Adsense account.
3. Allow access and your done

Now when you want to check your earnings a small icon is installed

Google Adsense Chrome Extension by Google

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to download images and videos from Google+

If you have been a regular Google+ user or if you are just starting off, one thing you know is that it is really popular with photographers. You find a whole list of photography enthusiasts on Google+ and it has become one amazing place to find beautiful and stunning photography. There are also videos that are shared everyday and if you go the section 'What's hot on Google+' you are sure to find a trending video over there. There are a lot of great videos and images that are shared on Google+ all the time. So if you want to easily download these images and videos from Google+.

How to download images and videos from Google+

There is now a Chrome extension available that will do the job for you. This handy extension can download videos and images from your Google+ stream. You can download a whole Picasa Album, raw photos and images, YouTube videos with the option to download bulk images all at once. Once the extension is installed you will get a download link on each image and video that you see in your Google+ stream. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

How to disable or enable all Chrome extensions with a single click

There is a good reason for this post and it is because Google Chrome the web browser from Google has overtaken FireFox in terms of market share internationally. Chrome is also a browser that can do things that other browsers cannot. It is fast and efficient and using Chrome to surf the web feels much lighter and quicker than all other browsers. For example some new Angry Bird levels can only be played on Chrome. So it is now the no. 2 browser behind Microsoft's IE. This can only mean that more and more people are using Chrome and that also means that more and more extensions are being used. Since Chrome has some pretty cool extensions that are totally free and easy to use.

There may be times when you just might want to disable all your extensions and with this extension you can do so in a single click. Disable All Extensions Plus - will help you do just that and you don't have to waste time and search for single extensions to turn-off or stop. This get's the job done in a single click.

It is totally free and easy to use and works everywhere that Chrome does. Will also save you time and you can turn-off extensions while you surf and not bother too much about what extensions are running and what are not.

Disable All Extensions Plus for Chrome

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to know when prices drop on Amazon, Direct2Drive and Steam

So there is this gadget that you are wanting to buy. You check online and find out that you are not willing to buy it at it's current price. In your mind you have a a different price you are willing to pay for it. There is a problem however you would need to keep checking and wait till it comes down to the right price you have in mind. This can be quiet tedious and you might even forget about it. 

That is worth is a Chrome extension that could come to your rescue. With this extension you can specify what you are willing to pay for a gadget and it will notify you immediately once the price drops below that range you specify. 

That is worth: How does it work
You need to simple install the extension in your browser. There is nothing that has to be downloaded and it works in your browser only. There is also no registration that is required. It is free, simple and easy to use. Currently works only with  Amazon, Direct2Drive and Steam

That is Worth

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to transcribe interview and audio files using a single window

You know how difficult it can be when listening to an audio files and writing what you hear at the same time. Especially if you have to toggle between two screens. It can become quiet annoying when you are listening to an audio file and then you need to pause it before opening your text document to write down what you have just listened to. All this can be much easier if you can simple have down the audio file and the text file on the same screen and in the same app. This way it takes care of the pressure of switching between apps and just concentrate on one and get the job done.

Transcribe is a Google Chrome extension that helps you get this whole thing done with one clear and smooth interface. 

Transcribe: How it works
it is fairly simple to use, simply install the extension and then start uploading the files you want to convert from audio into text. You can upload either MP3 or Wav format. Once uploaded you can then begin the playback and start typing. The player has all the basic controls like stop, rewind, speed up, slow down etc. Once your done typing you can then copy paste your data. 

Install Transcribe Google Chrome Extension 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Logo Maker: Create a logo for free without the need of any software

Logo Maker is a chrome extension that you can use to create and edit your logos. It does not require you to have any prior logo creating or software designing experience. You can use it easily and quickly create a logo for your company, site or blog. Another advantage of Logo Maker is that there is no need to download and use any bulky software, it is a Chrome extension that you can add-on and use with no problems at all. It also has the advantage to store locally so once your done with your work it gets stored on your local PC and in the form of a PNG image. You can then use this image to upload your logo easily to your company site or blog. Since it comes with load/save you can save a project locally and then open it again when your ready to resume.

Once installed you can import images and begin your work. You can then transform this image into the size and shape you want. You can also add text and create a logo in a short span of time. You can also use this extension to design your business cards for free.

Logo Maker

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Facebook video player lets you watch videos and browse Facebook at the same time

If you are a Facebook user whose friends post a lot of videos and you don't really have the time to view each video. This Chrome extension is for you. With this video extension all the videos in your news feed with play in a block in the upper right-hand corner while you continue browsing your news feed or wall. If you find a video interesting you can take notice of course if not continue with what you're doing and let the videos play in the background.

This is a helpful little extension which will save you a lot of time checking out videos posted by your friends. The extension does not interfere with your Facebook browsing and just plays in the background. Let the videos play while you scroll down and continue to read posts. There is nothing you need to do to set it up but simply download the extension. The player is known as Facebook Video Player and automatically recognizes videos and begins to play them in a fixed block. Add it now it's free. 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Related lets you browse related content without leaving your current page

Google Related is an interesting Chrome extension that lets you browse related content without having to leave the current page your are on. With Google Related you can see a whole rage of related content and then decide if you want to visit the page on the web. It is an interesting concept because it allows you to see information faster and then decide what is useful to you.

So how does Google Related work
Which you are visiting a website Google Related finds useful content related to the page you're viewing. A thin bar will appear at the bottom of your browser suggesting, news, images and videos. You also get suggestions of where to go if you are looking for information about a new place. You can watch videos without having to leave the current page or website you're on right now. All this comes in real-time. It is free and easy to install in Chrome and Internet Explorer. Visit now to start using.

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