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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Google Chrome Themes - Create your own

Google Chrome is now set to take over as king of web browsers. According to stats from statcounter over the last weekend. Google Chrome was the most popular web-browser in the world. This seems to be happening over weekends when people are away from their work computers and on their personal PCs. Chrome is the web-browser of choice for personal use. It is significantly faster that IE and much easier to use. So with all its popularity, users would want some nice themes to go with it. The default theme fro Chrome can be quiet a bore and you can spice up your Chrome experience with amazing themes that are available online for free.

Here is a list of resources to help you get the best Google Chrome Theme.

1. Google Chrome Web Store

You can search for an entire range of themes at the Chrome Web Store and search by Artists or by Google itself. The ones by Google are the kind that are a little plain and the best bet would be to search for themes by artists. A lot of Anime themes seem to be very popular with users right now.

2. Use My Chrome Theme to create your own

This Chrome Extension lets you create you own theme in 3 easy steps. What you need to do once you install the app is to upload a photo, once you do that you can then adjust you image - size, placements and more. Next you can add color - add color to tabs, omnibox and remaining parts of the browser. You can add your own photo for bragging rights with your pals. When they see Chrome open with your photo. Once completed you can then share your Theme on Google+, use it on your own chrome or create a separate link to share with people. 

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