Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to find the best apps for Chrome recommended by your Google+ friends

The Google Chrome Store now has an improvement. The ability to find Chrome Apps and Extensions recommended by your Google+ circles and friends. The point of the whole exercise is not just to now which Chrome Apps your pals are using but finding the most popular ones, recommended by your friends. it can be quiet insightful and the apps being used by your Google+ friends might be the ones trending and becoming popular. The Chrome App store is extremely useful and since Chrome became the most used browser in the world, their app store has been offering some of the most amazing apps, to make your Chrome experience even easier. Apps are all about improving your Browser experience.

How to find Google Chrome apps my Google+ friends are using
1. Go to Google Chrome Web Store
2. On the left hand side click on 'From your circles'
3. You find a list of Apps that your friends have added a +1 to
4. you will also find a few suggestions from the folks at Google to help you discover more
5. Click on the App and on the right-hand corner of the app see how many people have +1d the app. 
So try out this new feature and do let us know how it helped. 

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