Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Related lets you browse related content without leaving your current page

Google Related is an interesting Chrome extension that lets you browse related content without having to leave the current page your are on. With Google Related you can see a whole rage of related content and then decide if you want to visit the page on the web. It is an interesting concept because it allows you to see information faster and then decide what is useful to you.

So how does Google Related work
Which you are visiting a website Google Related finds useful content related to the page you're viewing. A thin bar will appear at the bottom of your browser suggesting, news, images and videos. You also get suggestions of where to go if you are looking for information about a new place. You can watch videos without having to leave the current page or website you're on right now. All this comes in real-time. It is free and easy to install in Chrome and Internet Explorer. Visit now to start using.

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