Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Catalogs iPad App

Google has a new app for the iPad and it is called Google Catalogs. The App digitizes catalogs and does not reinvent or add to them in any way. Digital versions of catalogs from popular retailers like Urban Outfitters and Macy's are now available. This comes as good news for businesses who publish retail digital catalogs as adding their catalogs to the App is now easy and Google has thrown the doors open for legitimate businesses to participate free of cost. Featuring stores and brands that are popular Google Catalogs brings the best of all catalogs to the iPad. 

The App has an easy interface which makes browsing through catalogs a fun experience. Tap on tags to learn more about products and view photos and videos. There is also the ability to search within or across catalogs. You also add products to your favorites tab. Like an item you can buy it online right-away. You can create a collage with all your favorite items and catalogs and share the same with other users or share it online. You can visit Google Catalogs at www.google.com/catalogs. The App is free to download and use. 

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