Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Apple now has a $69 OS X Lion Thumb Drive for those who were not able to download it

Wondering what other options you had in getting OS X Lion apart from the online store. OS X Lion is now available on a USB Thumb Drive for $69. This is for users who were not able to download the software online due to reasons like slow internet connection and not enough bandwidth. So if you do not have a fast enough internet connection and were unable to download OS X Lion after its release. The only other option was to visit an Apple store and download OS X Lion using the Wi-Fi connections available in Apple stores. Not everyone however lives close to an Apple store. if you were to download the OS online it would cost you only $29.99. So the cost of the USB flash drive seems a bit expensive.

If you order the thumb drive it would ships in one to three working days and you must have at least 7 GB of hard drive space to install it. Users installing OS X Lion via the thumb drive will not have access to the Lion recovery option and will have to re-install if they run into problems.

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