Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[Pics] Bart Station protests called by Cyber Hacktivist Anonymous

The protests called by cyber hacktivist group Anonymous on the 15th of August in Los Angles saw the shutdown of 4 Bart stations. Anonymous protesting the killing of a homeless man in recently by a transit officer encouraged protestors to wear blood-stained shirts with 'Don't shoot, I'm unarmed'. They are also protesting the shut down San Francisco’s BART subway system in response to BART disrupting cell phone service to ward off a planned protest last week. These are lessons learned from the London Riots where social media played a big role and BlackBerry has taken a lot of blame because London rioters were using the BlackBerry messaging system which is free to send text messages and SMS's. 4 Bart stations were closed down because of the protests but no arrests were made. The decision to shutdown the stations were more for reasons of safety that anything else. protesters were shouting,  "no justice no peace/disband BART police."

This was from the 11th of Aug

11th of Aug

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