Monday, August 15, 2011

How to collapse and expand comments in your Google+ Stream

Google+ have just announced another improvement and new feature within the service. The ability to collapse and expand comments. One of the reasons for4 this is really active conversations and comments can take over your stream and can be pretty overwhelming. Since comments appearing in real-time can make updates a little bit hard to read. The folks at Google+ have not fixed this so that it is not easy to expand and collapse comments in your stream.

To Expand or collapse comments in your Google+ stream
Is a very simple and easy to do this just below each update there is a small bar with the number of comments.  Click it once to expand and click again to collapse. You can get a clearer view from the image below the space between the two black lines is where you need to click. The black lines have been added by us and doe not appear in Google+

Comments arriving in real-time are automatically collapsed along with the ability for the system to keep track of comments you've read and comments you haven't. This new feature has been implemented based on users feedback. Check the video out below to know more.

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