Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to download images and videos from Google+

If you have been a regular Google+ user or if you are just starting off, one thing you know is that it is really popular with photographers. You find a whole list of photography enthusiasts on Google+ and it has become one amazing place to find beautiful and stunning photography. There are also videos that are shared everyday and if you go the section 'What's hot on Google+' you are sure to find a trending video over there. There are a lot of great videos and images that are shared on Google+ all the time. So if you want to easily download these images and videos from Google+.

How to download images and videos from Google+

There is now a Chrome extension available that will do the job for you. This handy extension can download videos and images from your Google+ stream. You can download a whole Picasa Album, raw photos and images, YouTube videos with the option to download bulk images all at once. Once the extension is installed you will get a download link on each image and video that you see in your Google+ stream. 

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