Friday, April 5, 2013

Productivity Owl helps you stop wasting time on the internet

Productivity Owl is here to make sure you stop wasting your precious work time on sites not helping you. With Productivity Owl you get an animated character that gets angry when you go to time wasting websites, and stop concentrating on your work. The is a Chrome Extension that when installed will help you out with your work day, or your study day. When setting up the extension you would need to enter a list of allowed websites, and a list of blocked websites. When browsing you have only 30 seconds to get what you want and get out. Failure to do so will annoy the owl, and it will swoop down and close the webpage you're currently wasting your time on.

Helps you stop wasting time on the internet.Productivity Owl - How does it work.
Once you add the extension to Chrome you would need to set 'Allowed Sites' and 'Blocked Sites'.
Blocked sites can be accessed only during times you've setup.
Work related sites can be visited whenever you want.
Visit a site that is not on your lists and by default you have 30 seconds to get what you want and leave. You can set your own time here.
When visiting a non-work-related site the angry owl will show-up
Do this enough number of times and the owl starts loosing respect for you.

Get Productivity Owl for Chrome now.

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