Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chrome: Perform a Google Image search on any Pinterest image

Image Credit: Pin Search

Pinterest has lost no interest in terms of the number of people who spend time on the service gazing dreamily at photos, images and pictures and who continue to do the same for quiet some time. Anyways there is a Chrome App if you would like to dig even deeper and find out more. Many people would want that, as the wealth of information available when you do a Google search on a photo. With this Chrome App called 'Pin Search' you can add the power of Google search to those pictures and find out more information related to the image. Like who took the photograph, websites the same image appears on, location and if it a fairly well know photo then the date and time. A very useful app for people who spend a lot of time on Pinterest and would like to find out a little more about images and photos they come across.

Pin Search: How does it work

1. Add the extension to your Chrome 

2. Now whenever you are on Pinterest and you hover over a photo, you get a pop-up like search button. Click it and perform your Google search. The best part is that the search option only appears when you hover over an image.

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