Friday, March 16, 2012

How to disable or remove Facebook Timeline and view profiles in the old Facebook style

Facebook Old profile style

There is new a hand y little app that helps you hide Facebook Timeline. The app is actually a chrome extension that you can add to your chrome browser and it works by hiding Timeline. You can then begin to view your profiles and other people's profiles with the old Facebook back and not in the new Facebook Timeline mode. When other people visit your profile however they will still be able to view your profile in the Timeline format. So, it does not really turn-off Facebook Timeline but simply hides it from you while you are browsing Facebook.

In reality your Facebook profile will still show in the new Timeline format but while you are working on Facebook Timeline everything you view will be in the old Facebook style and format. So if you find it annoying to keep looking at people's profiles in the new Facebook Timeline style this will bring you the old Facebook look, feel and style back. Something that most users had gotten used to and fell in love with. This extension will do a pretty good job at bringing it back for you. There is a also a toggle in the app to help you switch between old and new Facebook. So when your want to view profile with Timeline all you need to do is to toggle back and forth between old and new styles.

So keep in mind that this app only disables the display of the new Timeline and does not get rid of it. So in essence it allows you to work and use Facebook in the old style, when you view your friends profiles, they will appear in the old Facebook style with the Timeline. When you friends view your profile it will appear in the Timeline display.
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