Friday, March 16, 2012

How to find the best apps for the new iPad's retina display

Ever since the iPad went on  sale a day ago media outlets have been covering it constantly. If you are one of the first to get the new iPad or have already ordered one online you will be aware of the iPad's screen clarity. Apple has termed it's new retina display 'Resolutionary'. The screen that has more clarity than HDTV. With all this improved screen clarity and display, you can bet that App developers are scrambling to make sure their apps take full advantage of the new screen quality. Apple has done its share and released a set of Apps that have already been modified to fit the new role and utilize the new screen resolution to the maximum. The apps that have been recommended by Apple have been re-written to take full advantage of the new iPad's best retina-display. Other apps will still work on the iPad but these have made full use of the higher screen-resolution to bring to the forefront the tremendous screen clarity for you to enjoy your new iPad. So simply follow the link below to find all the best apps available for the new iPad in high-screen-resolution.
Best apps for the new iPad by Apple.

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