Friday, March 16, 2012

The new profile pages on Pinterest are now live

CNNiReport profile page on Pinterest

Pinterest the social media company that has risen to fame in 2012 has given profile pages a whole new makeover. Well it is not so bad as to give its users a shock but good enough to make a visible difference. When you click on someone's Pinterest Profile page you used to be able to see a whole list of pins that were added by that person and also a photo of the users on the left-hand side with number of followers and following. With the new redesign the profile pic and about the person has moved to the top and below that is a list of boards. To views all the pins on a particular board, you would need to click on it and then view all pins. This is a significant difference because Pinterest is opening up with its popularity gained and pushing itself to be at the forefront of Social Media. It is now ranked among the top 30 websites in the US even though the service is still invite only.

Here are a few facts about Pinterest's rise to fame

1. Traffic grew by 6,000% over the last 6 months on 2011

2. Drives more Traffic than Twitter and serves more referrals than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined

3. The fastest site to reach 10 million users in the US in just 9 months

Pinterest is growing and at a fast pace, the new profile page design is not a huge breakaway from the traditional look but is significant as the service grows to be a part of mainstream Social Media. In fact most of its rivals are the ones benefiting from it like Facebook and Google+. Please leave a comment with what you think about the new profile pages on Pinterest.

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