Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to rearrange Google black bar navigation options [Chrome]

You know how when you open Google or Gmail or many other Google products. You get this black bar on top of the page. Sometimes there are options that you use more often then the ones that are permanently stuck there. You usually see search, images, maps play etc. now these might not be your most used Google services. You might want to have videos or reader over there. Some of these services are in the drop-down menu and can be quiet a pain when your working fast. You need to go to the drop-down menu click it and then go to the service you want to. With Big G Black Bar Sorter - a chrome extension all you need to do is to install the app and then simply drag and drop options in the Google navigation bar. You can also drag and drop options available in the drop-down menu. It's also fun to see how you can just pull a menu out of the black bar drop-down and fix it as a permanent link on the top right within the black bar. 

How to rearrange the black bar menu options in Google 
1. You will need to get Big G Black Bar Sorter - click the link and install.
2. Open Gmail or Google and now go to the black bar click on the option you want to move and then simply drag and drop
3. if you want to move an option form the drop-down, click the drop-down menu and then move the service name to anywhere in the black bar.
4. Simple arrange as you want and leave it be. It will work just fine.
5. You're done

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