Saturday, October 29, 2011

Facebook video player lets you watch videos and browse Facebook at the same time

If you are a Facebook user whose friends post a lot of videos and you don't really have the time to view each video. This Chrome extension is for you. With this video extension all the videos in your news feed with play in a block in the upper right-hand corner while you continue browsing your news feed or wall. If you find a video interesting you can take notice of course if not continue with what you're doing and let the videos play in the background.

This is a helpful little extension which will save you a lot of time checking out videos posted by your friends. The extension does not interfere with your Facebook browsing and just plays in the background. Let the videos play while you scroll down and continue to read posts. There is nothing you need to do to set it up but simply download the extension. The player is known as Facebook Video Player and automatically recognizes videos and begins to play them in a fixed block. Add it now it's free. 

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