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Monday, March 12, 2012

Use a Google a Day puzzle to sharpen your search skills and learn something new for the day

A Google a day is a daily puzzle delivered everyday form the people over at Google. The deal is very simple you head over everyday and try to solve the daily puzzle. It is always something quiet different and will definitely make sure you do learn something new for the day. Well, at least for most of us. Once you land on the App and you start solving the puzzle it is advisable that you use the Google search that is available there as it specializes in filtering out answers solved by other users and who have posted it online.

A Google a Day: how does it work
This is definitely a place to visit for a few minutes everyday and get the old grey matter chugging. So if you think you are really good at Google search and are able to find the answers to tough questions quick this is a place to prove yourself. Google search is quiet sophisticated and you can use the internet to find just about anything. The thing is are you good at making the search engine work for you. if you think your Google search skills need improvement then this is a place to experiment and practice. To give you a example here is today's question: You can thank this president for doubling the size of the United States, and for making you more comfortable at work. What piece of office furniture did he invent?
If you do solve this please enter the answer in the comments section below
A Google a Day you can also follow on Twitter to get your daily puzzle. Get the Chrome extension here

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