Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Google Adsense Chrome Extension

This new Chrome Extension lets Adsense publishers check their earnings right from their Chrome browser. Without having to sing-out and sing-in again with your Adsense account. For security reasons many publishers do not use their primary Gmail ID as their Adsense account. This extension comes in handy in that sense, because once it is installed you can keep doing your work using whichever email ID you use. While working if you feel you would like to check how much you have earned in your Adsense account. You can just click on the extension's icon in Google chrome and a summary of you Adsense earnings pop out.

What is the summary displayed by Adsense Summary Toolbar by Google.
1. A summary of how much you have earned so far during the day
2. How much you earned yesterday
3. How much you earned the last month
4. How much you have earned this month so far
5. You top custom channels
6. Your top URL channels
7. Lifetime revenue

How to install Adsense publisher Toolbar.
1. Please follow the link below and click install
2. If you have logged-in using an email account that is not your Adsense account. Sign-out and sign-in with your Adsense account.
3. Allow access and your done

Now when you want to check your earnings a small icon is installed

Google Adsense Chrome Extension by Google

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