Thursday, November 8, 2012

Instagram adds Web Profiles

If you are an Instagram user your profile is now available on the web. Instagram the photo sharing site owned by Facebook have launched the next big thing -- Instagram profiles on the web. You profile and photos you made public are now available online and your pals can now check you out on the web. You can also view your friends Instagram photos and profiles on the web. When you view a profile on the web you can see the number of public photos uploaded by a users, number of followers and following and a follow button for other uses to follow. There is also a random display if pictures that are shown.

An Instagam web profileThere is also a help article available to set your privacy settings -- also all mobile settings remain the same on the web. Just like Facebook the profile can have a Timeline cover photo with a profile picture. beside the profile picture users can add a short bio below which is a random list of pictures shared by the user. All looks very familiar to Facebook Timeline. If you want to view your web profile or a friends web profile you will need to enter This is so new that it's still rolling out. If you cannot see your web profile wait a few days and it's sure to be there. Users however will not be able to upload photos from the web as Instagram is for mobile device photo sharing. Also if your photo are set to private they will remain private even on the web.
Source: Instagram Blog and photo credit to cucinadigitial

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