Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to create a secret or Pinterest private board

Pinterest always had one feature that was lacking. The ability to create private boards that are visible to only people you invite. Up until now all boards created on Pinterest have been public and if there was one feature Pinterest uses wanted it was this -- the ability to create private boards meant only for certain people who you want to share these boards and pins with. Once a private board is switched from off to on it is a one time thing and stays permanent. As of now you can create only three secret boards.

Pinterest private board

Can I convert existing boards to secret boards?
This is not possible as pins from these boards might have already been shared on the site.

What happens when you add a pin to a secret board?
It will not show up on Pinterest and will remain totally secret only visible to people who you have invited to view the board.

Where do I find my secret boards and pins?
They are found at the bottom of your Pinterest profile

What if I have used up my 3 boards?
If you want to create a new secret or private board and have already used your quota of 3 boards. You will need to make one of them public before being able to create a new secret board.

How to create a Secret or Pinterest private board
From the Add + button on the top, click on it and then toggle between secret and public or from the drop-down on the top click on boards and find your three secret boards at the bottom.

How to create a secret board on your iOS or Android device.
You need the latest version of Pinterest for this option to work. Once you have the latest version of Pinterest on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet you can then go to your profile. Tap on the boards tab and then scroll down till you get the options -- create a secret board.

Video below if you want the visuals, read more here at the Pinterest blog

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