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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Create a customized Facebook Cover for your Timeline

Your Facebook Timeline has space for a cover image and with it comes the ability to upload fun and unique cover images. There are many free web apps that allow you to do this. Facebook Cover Maker is a fun app that helps you create your own unique Facebook cover. It works like this - when you access the app you get to choose your gender. Helps in creating a avatar - once created you can then choose your background. So your animated character can have a nice background or backdrop to stand against. In addition to choose male or female you can also choose Mangaboy and penguin. You can be a cute little penguin in character on your Facebook Timeline.

create an animated Facebook coverYou can then change the image of your character by adding customizations. If you choose female you can then change her hair style, lips and eyes to name a few. If you want to be a penguin you can add customizations to the penguin as well. You can choose what type of eyes it needs to have and other outer body customizations. All in all a fun way to create your own unique Facebook cover. If you do give it a whirl, please leave a comment with what you think. This is a work in progress and there will be a lot more customizations added in the future. Once you create your animated Facebook cover you can add it to your Timeline immediately or download it and save it on your device.

Create your own unique Facebook Cover.

Monday, June 18, 2012

How to create a Instagram Photo Collage for your Facebook Timeline Cover using InstaCover

If you are wondering how to create a Instagram Collage we have already written about it here. So if you are a collage fan and want to create one either with your Instagram set of photos or use others photos available on the app you can create some stunning collages and impress your friends. Gibe your Facebook Timeline Cover a whole new look, vibrant with some stunning Instagram photos. We also have a small tutorial to help you get started with Facebook Covers for your Timeline. For users who use their Timeline alot your cover photo is all important with this new app you can now make it even more stunning. Instagram photos are all the craze and rage on the internet and with Instacover you can use your Instagram photos or that of other to create a collage for your cover photo on Facebook. 

InstaCover: How does it work
1. Visit the webapp online
2. Sign-in with your Facebook Account
3. This is the screen you see

4. You can now enter your Instagram ID or just work with other photos available
5. You can now choose category, tags or photos you have liked on Instagram.
6. Choose order and also enter text if you want
7. Choose layout and then your spacing options. Choose no in spacing if you do not want any space between photos.
8. Choose if you want to add a date and number of likes each photos has got.
9. Click on preview to view and then final preview and the collage gets stored as a photo on your Timeline Cover album on Facebook.

10. You now need to go to Facebook to add this collage as a photo. This is good as you have the option to check it out and drag and drop as you please.

Play around with the app for a short while and you will see that it is simple and easy to use. Also adds a lot of fun to your Facebook Covers. Please let us know you feedback in the comments section below.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

You might be wondering what is the exact dimensions of the Facebook Cover. Your Facebook cover is that huge photo that brings the tone to your Timeline and sets the mood. The cover is now becoming a prime piece of real-estate with websites springing up overnight encouraging you to use their covers. The cover sits right on top of your photo and is most prominent when people open  your profile.

Facebook Cover Dimensions:
The cover photo dimensions are 850px wide and 315px height. These dimensions are going to help you while you design your own Facebook covers. If you use this size your cover will sit perfectly atop your Timeline.

Facebook cover photo dimensions in inches
if you would like the dimensions in inches here it is.
Height - 4.2 inches
Width - 11.33 iinches

Facebook cover photo in mm
Height - 106.68 mm
Width - 287.782 mm

Facebook cover photo dimensions Photoshop template or PSD template
Please find the PSD template below

[caption id="attachment_15930" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Facebook cover photo dimensions PSD template Image Source[/caption]

Are Covers Mandatory:
They are not mandatory and if you do not add a cover your Timeline is still visible minus the cover. Timeline without the cover however looks as though something is missing and Timeline was designed with the cover photo in mind.

What if my image is much smaller:
It will not get uploaded and an error message will be shown

Can other people download my cover photos:
Yes, since it sits in a public folder.

Can you suggest a few resources online to find free cover photos for Facebook:
We have a small list compiled and can be found here. 


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Facebook Cover Photo Privacy Settings

This post has more to do with what actually happens once you upload a cover photo. Because if you're wondering if the Facebook cover photo has any options for privacy, there are none. You Cover photo is public and that's why when you visit your albums on Facebook you 'Cover Photos' album does not have cog and a drop-down arrow to change privacy settings. The Album only has a globe icon and if you hover over the globe icon you will see a pop-up with the message 'Cover Photos are public'. Facebook Cover Photo Privacy Settings are nil.

This means if you are really concerned about your privacy and you choose a personal photo as a cover pic, be sure that it is visible to everyone. Your Facebook Timeline is like a resume with everything you decide to share with the public visible to everyone. So if there is a pic that you would rather not upload and make visible to the public. Cover Photo is not a place for it, once upload as a cover photo it is visible. Timeline is your new Facebook Profile and when people search for you and if you have Timeline enabled then this is what they see and you cannot make your Cover Photo only visible to a select few friends. 

Facebook Cover Photo Privacy Settings

Over the next few weeks Timeline will be rolled out to all users and whether you are ready or not, it is coming to you. This is the new Facebook profile that will be visible to all. So if there is a pic you do not want visible to the public, be sure not to upload it as a cover photo.