Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

You might be wondering what is the exact dimensions of the Facebook Cover. Your Facebook cover is that huge photo that brings the tone to your Timeline and sets the mood. The cover is now becoming a prime piece of real-estate with websites springing up overnight encouraging you to use their covers. The cover sits right on top of your photo and is most prominent when people open  your profile.

Facebook Cover Dimensions:
The cover photo dimensions are 850px wide and 315px height. These dimensions are going to help you while you design your own Facebook covers. If you use this size your cover will sit perfectly atop your Timeline.

Facebook cover photo dimensions in inches
if you would like the dimensions in inches here it is.
Height - 4.2 inches
Width - 11.33 iinches

Facebook cover photo in mm
Height - 106.68 mm
Width - 287.782 mm

Facebook cover photo dimensions Photoshop template or PSD template
Please find the PSD template below

[caption id="attachment_15930" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Facebook cover photo dimensions PSD template Image Source[/caption]

Are Covers Mandatory:
They are not mandatory and if you do not add a cover your Timeline is still visible minus the cover. Timeline without the cover however looks as though something is missing and Timeline was designed with the cover photo in mind.

What if my image is much smaller:
It will not get uploaded and an error message will be shown

Can other people download my cover photos:
Yes, since it sits in a public folder.

Can you suggest a few resources online to find free cover photos for Facebook:
We have a small list compiled and can be found here. 


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