Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to make a photo collage using your Google Drive photos

We have already covered how to make a Instagram photo collage, how to create a Facebook cover with your Instagram collage photos and how to create a Twitter background with Instagram collage photos. One of the Apps we mentioned was GetLoupe, a  launch partner for the Google Drive API announcement at the Google I/O Conference. One of the key things that can be accomplished now is the ability to create a photo collage using all your photos available in your Google Drive. So if you already have Google Drive you can start right-away. If you do not have Google Drive the cloud storage app from Google you can get it right now by going to

Creating a photo collage can be great fun and it seems to be fast becoming one of the fun things people are doing online. Once you create a collage you can then share it with your friends or just share it privately. To get started creating a Collage from pics, photos or images available in your Google Drive you would need to go to to get started. Once you on the App you can then use this link for detailed instructions provided by our friends from Loupe. Instructions on how to create a photo collage using your Google Drive pics

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