Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pinterest: How to publish activity to Facebook Timeline

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You can promote all your work on your Facebook Timeline - especially if you have been busy on Pinterest. So if you have been building boards and adding pins and would like to share all of this with your Facebook pals, Pinterest has an easy option to help you accomplish all of this. There are many reasons why you might want to share you pins on Facebook. Every Pinterest user knows how addictive the site is and how many hours can get consumed on the site. Sharing all those amazing photos with your Facebook friends is a nice way to share Pinterest love on Facebook. 

So how do you enable sharing on Facebook via Pinterest. This post will help you to start, turn on enable Facebook sharing right from Pinterest.

How to enable, start or turn-on Facebook sharing on Pinterest. 

1. Login to Pinterest

2. Click on your name and choose Settings

3. Beside 'Publish activity to Facebook Timeline' click the greyed out button and it should change to red with the word 'On'.

4. If you want to stop sharing on Facebook follow the same process and change to 'Off;.

5. Click on save profile and you're done. 

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