Friday, May 11, 2012

How to search for Instagram photos on Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter user Marion Pont

This is just a simple trick to find Instagram photos and pictures that users have been sharing on Twitter. This is another activity if you have time to spend online and don't know what else to do. You can search for Instagram pictures on Twitter. Find interesting pics that people are sharing in real time. Most tweets do not stay online for too long so once you find a user uploading some nice pictures you can follow them on the app. This tip is for using Twitter for finding Instagram photos being shared on Twitter. 

How to find Instagram photos on Twitter
1. Login to Twitter
2. When someone share a photo on Twitter via Instagram. It gets shared via a link starting with
3. In Twitter's search bar type '' to find all users sharing Instagram photos.
4. To dig deeper you can enter specific photos you would like to find. So after you can then type roses or London or whatever your areas of interests are. To find related pics. This is how an Instagram photo link would look like on Twitter -

This is just a simple trick to find nice Instagram photos being shared in real time. You can also find interesting people to follow on Instagram via Twitter. 

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