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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Male lies and Female lies trending on Twitter

Men and Women in a relationship tend to tell lies. Men have their own version of what lies women tell and women have the same. Each of the genders in a relationship tend to hear the same kind of lies told to them every now and them. Some are quiet cliched and something most people identify with. #MaleLies and #FemaleLies is now treeing on Twitter. There are many funny Tweets being sent and no wonder these topics are now trending on the top of the Worldwide topics trend list. These trends are nice to follow, especially if you have a a relationship, the relationship brings out the best in people. So if you want to read lies women tell or lies men tell these are two topics to check out on Twitter today. There are many reasons when men lie to women and why women lie to men. In hind sight it can be quite funny and provide a lot of entertainment. Just like these two trending topics on twitter are doing right now.

Male and Female LiesTop Tweet for Male Lies

Top Tweet for Female Lies

Random funny Tweet about male and female lies

Sunday, November 18, 2012

How many more days will #ThingsGirlsSayAlot stay on Twitter's Trending Topics

We are all familiar with Trending topics whether local to your countyr or on the worldwide trending topics list. A topic erupts stays for a few hours, maybe less than hour and somehow dies down. But every now and then we get a topics that trends on the worldwide trending topics list for more than a few days. The topic #ThingsGirlsSayAlot is now trending for at-least 3 days. It is always on the trending topics worldwide and moves arounf from being in the number 2 spot to somewhere down below but never seems to disappear. Watching this topic is enormous fun as it keeps getting its interest renewed. The current tweets that has been retweeted more than 7000 times is #ThingsGirlsSayAlot I'm ok or dont worry about it, #WhatItReallyMeans is be here for me, fight for me, kiss me & tell me its going be fine.

Here are a few more Tweets of interest related to #ThingsGirlsSayAlot
things that girls say

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No Church In The Wild video released by Kanye West and Jay-Z

No Church In The Wild is now trending on Twitter and after you watch the video you will not be surprised, as to why. The video by Kanye West & Jay-Z featuring Frank Ocean & The-Dream draws inspiration from all the Occupy Wall street and other protests that have made international news. Last October Kanye West appears in the Occupy Wall street protests in Manhattan and although there for a brief time the experience must have shown him what happens when people and police clash. The title of the song itself has a lot to say. When you out there and protesting anything can happen. Innocent people can get pepper sprayed and a lot of others can get hurt. The video itself shows damage caused by both protesters and cops. 

The video was shot in Prague and shows both protesters and cops at war. The clip is quite savage and depicts what happens when the cops and protesters clash. The video does not take sides and has over 200 extras divided into cops and protesters. The video was released just a few hours ago. Started trending after director Romain Gavras tweeted about the video. 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

If Google can't find the answer, it's not a question.

'If Google' is now a trending topic on Twitter with people using the 'If Google' to come up with cool ideas to finish the line. One of the Tweets that is going the rounds if 'If Google can't find the answer, it's not a question'. That's right if Google cannot find the answer then you question is really not even a question according to many users. Here are a few more interesting Tweets being offered up by users on Twitter.

1. If Google could come to my exams with me, then I would be happy
2.  If Google was in my mind I would be the smartest person ON EARTH!
3. If Google can tell us where we left our keys at life would be easier.
4. If Google were to disappear, then homework will be twice as hard!!
5. If Google was a teacher, I would be a happy student...
6. If Google didn't exist we'd all be screwed

Follow this trend to know what people are Tweeting about 'If Google' - imagine a world without Google and you will also be able to add to this trend. For now the most popular If Google post is If Google can't find the answer, it's not a question.

Here is another tweet from another user 'If Google died, there would be A lot of crying. More than A persons death'. Simply goes to show how important Google has become in people's lives. Especially for students who rely so heavily on Google to get their homework done. Here's another tweet that holds a lot of truth in it 'If Google was not invented, some people may not graduate!. Might be true for a lot of people who have managed to find free study tutorials online. All brought together by Google. Their popularity continues to grow and more and more people appreciate all that Google has done for them. If Google did not exist - If Google didn't exist, I wouldn't exist as well, wouldn't I?, tweet offered by another people. So go ahead people and show some love to the search engine that has learnt so much about us and has always been a help in times of trouble. One last tweet from another Twitter users - If google didn't exist we would still be monkeys eating bannnnaaaannnnaassss. 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

11 Top Celebs to Follow - trending now on Twitter

11 Top Celebs to Follow - trending now on the top of Twitter worldwide trends. You might be wondering how this trend came to be. The answer is very simple, this is a repeat of what happened yesterday. Mashable the popular social media blog had a post out '10 Facebook tips for power users', this got a lot of Tweets on Twitter but users just changed it to what they think are the top 10 Facebook tips to keep in kind. Today there is another post out by Amy-Mae Elliott from Mashable and the title of the article is 11 Top Celebs to Follow on Viddy. This title has been taken by users on Twitter and they have converted it to their own version. The Twitter version is '11 top Celebs to Follow' and users are having fun with the title. Including offering up some of their favouriute Twitter celebrities that they think should be followed on Twitter. 

This being Twitter you can only expect that many of the users are saying that the celebs to be followed are Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Follow them and you won't need to follow anyone else. Other users are just offering up people who they like and telling others to follow them. So let us know in the comments section below if you have a favorite celeb you follow on Twitter or Viddy. This has turned right around from being a post about famous people on Viddy to celebs to follow on Twitter.

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10 Facebook tips as suggested by users on Twitter

Image via Twitter user iamwie

It's not very often that you come across Facebook trending topics on Twitter. It usually happens if Facebook releases an update that does not go down too well with its users. This however is Twitter offering Facebook tips to other users. There are many tips being offered on Twitter about how not to do or how to do something on Facebook. Especially if you want all your FB friends to like you. At the moment of writing this post '10 Facebook Tips' is trending at the No 1. position globally on Twitter. This trend might have started after Mashable's article '10 Tips for Facebook power users' came out. People on Twitter however choose to offer their best tips to help you understand how they feel about certain behaviors on Facebook. 

Please find below some of the top tips being offered on Twitter in relation to 10 Facebook tips

1. Stop updating one minute one status. Make a twitter you dumbass. 

2.  Its a social networking site, not a diary, stop posting your life stories on there. 

3. Don't you ever ever ever ever ever ever spam my notifications with stupid game requests.

4. 10 Facebook Tips: Block, delete, block, delete, block, delete, block, delete, block, delete! thats how I take care of it ^_^ 

5. Never like your own status.

6. stop liking photos which "cure child diseases" or "help kids in Africa" It's just not going to happen!!!

7. Login, Check notifs, Accept requests, Scroll news feed, Stalk, Check profile, Refresh news feed, Like, Comment, Logout..

8. Don't tag me in pics or things that have NOTHING to do with me.

9. ----->Just Update an interesting Status. Duh.

10. ---> Never give your Gf/Bf your password knowing you're cheatin like a paid referee...

Login to Twitter to have fun and post your own Facebook tips and tricks as long as this trend lasts. 

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Titanic II to be built by Clive Palmer [Twitter Trends]

Image Credit: ieatwords

There is an interesting trending topic on Twitter today and it's called 'Titanic II'. The topic started trending after news broke that self-made Aussie mining billionaire Clive Palmer said the he has commissioned state-owned Chinese company CSC Jinling Shipyard to build the  Titanic II with the same dimensions as its predecessor. Once ready the ship will make its first voyage from England to New York in 2016.  Palmer has also said that Titanic 2 will be every bit as luxurious as the original but with the added benefits of state-of-the-art technology and modern navigation systems. With the Centenary anniversary coming up for the RMS Titanic there seems to be a flurry of activity to remember the doomed ship. There is also a TV episode set to air to bring newer insights and stories that might not have been heard till now. 

Mr Palmer also says that hits effort is a way to pay tribute to the spirit of the men and women who built the original ship. He also added one more bit of information that rings a bell with most people, when asked if it could sink; he said off course it would sink if you put a hole in it. But added that it was going to be designed so that it won't sink. Well that's what was said about the original ship too. The new ship will be 270 metres long (885 feet), 53 metres high and weighing some 40,000 tonnes - staying true to the specifications of the original Titanic. So what do you think will be the fate of the Titanic II - please let us know in the comments section below.
Source: and GulfNews

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