Thursday, May 24, 2012

If Google can't find the answer, it's not a question.

'If Google' is now a trending topic on Twitter with people using the 'If Google' to come up with cool ideas to finish the line. One of the Tweets that is going the rounds if 'If Google can't find the answer, it's not a question'. That's right if Google cannot find the answer then you question is really not even a question according to many users. Here are a few more interesting Tweets being offered up by users on Twitter.

1. If Google could come to my exams with me, then I would be happy
2.  If Google was in my mind I would be the smartest person ON EARTH!
3. If Google can tell us where we left our keys at life would be easier.
4. If Google were to disappear, then homework will be twice as hard!!
5. If Google was a teacher, I would be a happy student...
6. If Google didn't exist we'd all be screwed

Follow this trend to know what people are Tweeting about 'If Google' - imagine a world without Google and you will also be able to add to this trend. For now the most popular If Google post is If Google can't find the answer, it's not a question.

Here is another tweet from another user 'If Google died, there would be A lot of crying. More than A persons death'. Simply goes to show how important Google has become in people's lives. Especially for students who rely so heavily on Google to get their homework done. Here's another tweet that holds a lot of truth in it 'If Google was not invented, some people may not graduate!. Might be true for a lot of people who have managed to find free study tutorials online. All brought together by Google. Their popularity continues to grow and more and more people appreciate all that Google has done for them. If Google did not exist - If Google didn't exist, I wouldn't exist as well, wouldn't I?, tweet offered by another people. So go ahead people and show some love to the search engine that has learnt so much about us and has always been a help in times of trouble. One last tweet from another Twitter users - If google didn't exist we would still be monkeys eating bannnnaaaannnnaassss. 

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