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10 Facebook tips as suggested by users on Twitter

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It's not very often that you come across Facebook trending topics on Twitter. It usually happens if Facebook releases an update that does not go down too well with its users. This however is Twitter offering Facebook tips to other users. There are many tips being offered on Twitter about how not to do or how to do something on Facebook. Especially if you want all your FB friends to like you. At the moment of writing this post '10 Facebook Tips' is trending at the No 1. position globally on Twitter. This trend might have started after Mashable's article '10 Tips for Facebook power users' came out. People on Twitter however choose to offer their best tips to help you understand how they feel about certain behaviors on Facebook. 

Please find below some of the top tips being offered on Twitter in relation to 10 Facebook tips

1. Stop updating one minute one status. Make a twitter you dumbass. 

2.  Its a social networking site, not a diary, stop posting your life stories on there. 

3. Don't you ever ever ever ever ever ever spam my notifications with stupid game requests.

4. 10 Facebook Tips: Block, delete, block, delete, block, delete, block, delete, block, delete! thats how I take care of it ^_^ 

5. Never like your own status.

6. stop liking photos which "cure child diseases" or "help kids in Africa" It's just not going to happen!!!

7. Login, Check notifs, Accept requests, Scroll news feed, Stalk, Check profile, Refresh news feed, Like, Comment, Logout..

8. Don't tag me in pics or things that have NOTHING to do with me.

9. ----->Just Update an interesting Status. Duh.

10. ---> Never give your Gf/Bf your password knowing you're cheatin like a paid referee...

Login to Twitter to have fun and post your own Facebook tips and tricks as long as this trend lasts. 

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